Prepare Yourself for a Career in Sales (2016)

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    • Introduction
      • Welcome 0 min
    • 1. Develop Yourself
      • Be authentic 0 min
      • Focus on the positive 0 min
      • Try to keep things simple 0 min
      • Be vulnerable 0 min
      • Keep yourself honest 0 min
      • Reward those you work with 0 min
      • Prioritize and focus on what is Important 0 min
      • Always be learning 0 min
      • Develop self-confidence 0 min
      • Keep your ego in check 0 min
      • Take action 0 min
    • 2. Develop Relationships
      • The importance of the first impression you give 0 min
      • Remember people’s names 0 min
      • Be good to people 0 min
      • Honor your commitments 0 min
      • Admit when you are wrong 0 min
      • Don’t burn bridges 0 min
      • Never be "that person" at a group meeting 0 min
      • Be careful with that post or email 0 min
      • Know your audience 0 min
    • Conclusion
      • Wrap up 0 min
  • Description

    A career in sales starts with the basics. Being self-confident and engaging with others are the keys to your success. In this course, sales coach Dean Karrel provides career advice for anyone who wants to become a sales professional. Learn tips for keeping things simple, focusing on the positive, recognizing the accomplishments of other members of your team, and keeping your ego in check. When it comes to developing relationships with others, learn the basics of a proper greeting, such as eye contact, a handshake, and even a smile. Dean also emphasizes the importance of knowing how to listen, remembering people's names, and following through on a commitment. No matter what sales techniques or strategies you end up using to achieve your goals, these skills are the foundation to a long and successful career in sales.

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