Web Servers and APIs using C++

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    • Introduction
      • Why use C++ to make a website? 0 min
      • What you should know 0 min
    • 1. Installing Our Tools
      • Installing Docker 0 min
      • Installing Atom 0 min
      • Creating a Dockerfile 0 min
      • Running a Dockerfile 0 min
      • Adding a volume 0 min
      • Building Crow 0 min
      • Serving the example 0 min
      • Challenge: Modify the example page 0 min
      • Solution: Modify the example page 0 min
    • 2. Deploying to Heroku
      • Creating a Heroku account 0 min
      • Installing the Heroku CLI 0 min
      • Deploying our container to Heroku 0 min
      • Saving our container to Docker Hub 0 min
    • 3. Building Websites
      • Creating HTML pages 0 min
      • Serving HTML pages 0 min
      • Serving static content 0 min
      • Challenge: Create a new webpage 0 min
      • Solution: Create a new webpage 0 min
    • 4. Data Access
      • Creating an mLab account 0 min
      • Uploading JSON data 0 min
      • Adding the MongoDB C++ drivers 0 min
      • Querying Mongo data 0 min
      • Adding dynamic data to a page 0 min
      • Challenge: Create a webpage with data 0 min
      • Solution: Create a webpage with data 0 min
    • 5. RESTful APIs
      • Creating an endpoint 0 min
      • Parsing the path 0 min
      • Reading the query string 0 min
      • Converting to JSON data 0 min
      • Challenge: Create an endpoint 0 min
      • Solution: Create an endpoint 0 min
    • 6. WebSockets and Crow
      • Reviewing the JavaScript client code 0 min
      • Creating the C++ server code 0 min
      • Running WebSocket on Heroku 0 min
    • Conclusion
      • Next steps 0 min
  • Description

    C++ has re-emerged as a go-to language for developing high-performance websites and web applications. C++ compiles to machine code, making it faster to start up and execute. For users, this means less time waiting for a site to render. This course teaches developers how to build a website powered by a MongoDB database and deploy it with a Heroku cloud server, all with C++. Instructor Troy Miles—a senior software developer—shows how to build and deliver HTML webpages; upload, download, and parse JSON data; make RESTful API calls; and even do real-time communication using WebSockets. Along the way, he shows how to resolve one of the main challenges of C++ web development—a complex toolchain that must be synced in development and production—using Docker containers.

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Build Responsive Websites

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