SharePoint 2013 for Site Champions and Power Users

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    • Introduction
      • Welcome 0 min
      • What you should know before watching this course 0 min
    • 1. Document Management
      • Adding a document library app 0 min
      • Overriding a user's checkout 0 min
      • Deleting and undeleting files 0 min
      • Retaining checkout with checked-in changes 0 min
      • Reusing documents to create new ones 0 min
      • Enabling checkout and versioning in a document library 0 min
    • 2. Document and Library Tools
      • Restoring documents to previous versions 0 min
      • Copying and pasting content from a previous version of a document to the latest version 0 min
      • Deleting previous versions of a file 0 min
      • Setting and managing alerts 0 min
      • Exporting a library to Excel 0 min
    • 3. Working with Multiple Files
      • Uploading multiple files using Explorer 0 min
      • Taking control of checked-out documents in bulk 0 min
      • Printing multiple files using Explorer 0 min
      • Downloading multiple files using Explorer 0 min
      • Modifying metadata using Quick Edit 0 min
    • 4. Working with Metadata and Columns
      • Updating metadata for a file 0 min
      • Creating columns for a list or library 0 min
      • Editing and deleting existing columns 0 min
      • Working with navigation hierarchies 0 min
    • 5. Managing Access and Permissions
      • Creating permission groups 0 min
      • Setting permissions at the site level 0 min
      • Setting permissions at the library level 0 min
      • Setting permissions at the file/item level 0 min
    • 6. Working with Webpages
      • Editing an existing webpage 0 min
      • Adding a web or app part to a webpage 0 min
      • Modifying an existing web or app part 0 min
      • Updating the Quick Launch and top link bar navigation 0 min
    • 7. Creating Popular Views
      • Creating a "My Documents" view 0 min
      • Creating a "Templates" view 0 min
      • Creating a "Grouped By" view 0 min
      • Customizing your views 0 min
    • Conclusion
      • Next steps 0 min
  • Description

    So you've just been assigned the task of administering and maintaining your team's SharePoint site. What now? Join Mark Abdelnour, as he shows you exactly what you need to know to be a SharePoint site champion. Learn how to create libraries, override checkouts, and set alerts. Then discover how to use Explorer to upload, download, print, and email multiple documents at once. Mark also shows how to work with metadata and columns and manage end-user permissions. Plus, learn how to edit existing webpages and add and modify web parts—without the need for HTML. Finally, to help with end-user adoption, Mark shows you how to create some of the most popular views.

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